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Welcome to freedom of pay

Forget about the wait for payday with free, flexible access to your earned wages.

  • No fees

  • Unlimited access

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Spend as you earn

Every day you work, your balance increases. Whatever you don't spend on your card is sent to your normal bank account on payday.

Stay on track

Track your spending, set goals and alerts with the Hi app.

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Your new favourite card

Accepted online, in-store, and everywhere that accepts Mastercard.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hi?
    Hello, we’re Hi. An innovative FinTech created to help companies unlock fast, affordable working capital and pay employees more flexibly. How do we do it? We’ve created a new type of finance. We call it Pay Asset Finance – a new asset class that makes payroll accessible for everyone.
  • What does Hi offer business?
    For companies, Hi lets them defer payroll by 8-12 weeks and release the capital back into the business. This means we can help companies improve financial liquidity, access a new source of working capital and, with our flexible pay products for employees, we can help businesses attract and retain the best talent.
  • What does Hi offer employees?
    For employees, Hi’s products mean they can freely access their money and be paid when they want. Gone are the days of the monthly payday – with Hi, employees can access their pay weekly or daily, helping to increase financial freedom, flexibility and wellbeing.
  • What makes Hi and its products different?
    Hi is the only product to unlock working capital from an employee benefit As a new source of capital, PAF doesn’t add more debt to the balance sheet Hi never charges employees to access their earned money
  • Who pays for Hi?
    The employer will be charged for the financing of payroll to access working capital alongside a small monthly charge to the employer per employee, which can form part of a firm’s employee benefit and retention schemes.
  • Who are Hi?
    Hello! We are Hi, a Social Enterprise and pay platform committed to “Making the World Financially Stronger”.
  • Who services, manages and operates Hi?"
    Hi was created by UK-based fintech Hi55 Ventures. It is fully serviced, managed, and operated by Hi55 Ventures.
  • How does Pay Asset Finance work?
    Pay Asset Finance helps companies optimise their working capital by deferring payroll for 8-12 weeks, whilst we simultaneously offer employees access to the earned money either weekly, or daily via our unique salary access card.
  • Who can sign up to use Hi?
    Hi is currently available to any company employing over 50 people.
  • What are the benefits of Pay Asset Finance?
    Hi makes pay, pay, by offering a new type of business finance. We help companies unlock affordable working capital and provide an attractive new employee benefit. Hi makes pay, pay, by giving employees easier and earlier access to the money they’ve earned.
  • What impact does Hi have on pension contributions and other employee benefits?
    All deductions – tax, pensions and other employee benefits – are unaffected. They are paid as normal by both parties.
  • Will Hi affect a company’s ability to access other lines of credit? Will lenders want to know if a company is using Hi as a sign of financial distress?
    A payroll debt (i.e. owed wages) doesn’t appear on a company’s balance sheet, other than a payroll obligation so taking advantage of the scheme should not affect a company’s credit rating.
  • What payroll systems support Hi?
    Our real-time pay calculations are generated from using a 'shadow payroll' system that sits behind your regular payroll, meaning minimal onboarding is required and zero risk to your employee's finances. It also means that whichever system you currently use, you are also able to use Hi.
  • Who are Hi?
    Hello! We are Hi, a Social Enterprise and pay platform committed to “Making the World Financially Stronger”.
  • What is a Social Enterprise?
    A Social Enterprise is a business that puts positive social impact at the heart of their activity. This is certified by the independent organisation, Social Enterprise UK.
  • What does Hi do?
    Hi offers employees financial control with real-time access to pay via a card with a limit in line with their earnings.
  • What are the benefits of Hi?
    Hi boosts the financial wellbeing of workers with free, flexible access to pay. Gone are the days of the monthly payday – with Hi, you can access your money as soon as you earn it.
  • How does Hi work?
    Every day you work, your spending limit on the card increases! This provides instant, no touch access to your money, when you need it. At the end of the month your employer runs payroll like normal, the card limit resets to zero and the remaining balance is paid into your normal bank account. Whatever you’ve spent on the card will simply appear on your payslip under ‘Deductions’.
  • Can I access all my pay as I earn it?
    Hi currently provides access to 50% of your gross pay, up to a limit of £600. You can also set your own spending limits and alerts within the app.
  • How much does it cost?
    Hi is, and always will be, totally free for employees. The cost is covered by your employer, as part of your benefits package.
  • How do I sign up?
    You will receive an invitation to enrol via email. Simply follow the link to download the Hi app and order your card.
  • Using Hi, can I get my pay in advance?
    No, Hi is about early access, not advances on pay. Our aim is to improve financial freedom and flexibility for employees, not leave you in debt.
  • Is this a loan?
    No. We only give you access to the money you have already earned.
  • Will this affect my credit rating?
    No, this is not a loan and we do not need to run any form of credit check.
  • Will I always receive my pay?
    Yes, you will always receive your pay in full. Any card spend within the month will simply appear as a deduction on your payslip.
  • Is it voluntary?
    It is voluntary. If you do not sign up you will stay on your normal pay cycle.
  • I’ve just activated my card, why is the balance zero?
    If your card was activated after your employer has finalised payroll for the month, you won’t be able to accrue any pay on the card for that period. Your card will begin accruing pay from the beginning of the next pay period, typically the first working day of the month.
  • Do I need a smartphone to use Hi?
    For security reasons, the only way you can currently access your PIN number so you can use the card is through the app via a smartphone.
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