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A new type of business finance

Unlock affordable capital and provide an attractive new employee benefit.

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Access fast,
affordable capital

Preserve your capital by extending salary payments by 8-12 weeks

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Optimise cashflow
by releasing capital
from payroll

A strategic source of liquidity at competitive rates

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Attract and retain
the best talent

Weekly or daily pay is an employee benefit to shout about


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With Hi, companies can offer employees the option to be paid weekly or daily – an employee benefit to shout about.

94% of employees worry about money and 77% say this affects their work . Offering more frequent pay to employees has the potential to attract and retain talent, enhance employee wellbeing, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Hi enables companies to boost their working capital efficiency, reducing the need for borrowing and releasing pressure on cash flows.

Cash is the lifeblood of your company. Hi represents a new and strategic source of liquidity for companies by generating capital via payroll.

Find out how much free cash flow your business could get by financing payroll obligations by reaching out today:

How it works
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