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The next generation of trade finance.

Hi is the global first to offer Pay Asset Finance, a new category of trade finance. Through a ground-breaking payroll funding and time processing system, Hi will give your business a new source of working capital by transforming the way time and pay are tracked, viewed and verified. For the first time ever, time itself can now be financed.

A global first from a UK fintech

Hi is reinventing pay.
It offers a unique solution that improves the financial resilience and well-being of your company and your people, at the same time.

Fast and affordable access to working capital…

…without adding debt.

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What can Hi do?


Pay Asset Finance is a unique way to release working capital by externally financing your payroll without adding debt to your balance sheet. At the same time, Hi makes pay to employees more accurate, efficient and frequent. Through our technology, Hi enables businesses to defer payroll and pay employees weekly, releasing working capital and giving swifter access to earned income for workers.


Hi gives employees a clear breakdown of their pay through our app and web portal.


"This provides a guarantee that can then be leveraged to provide capital for businesses, without the need for credit checks or a credit rating, or big job cuts."

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Our commitments



  • We will not grow at the expense of our planet or the communities in which we operate

  • We support the UN’s sustainable development goals

  • Our target is to be carbon neutral by 2025 and carbon positive by 2030

  • We will endeavour to ensure our clients and partners uphold the same values and standards as ourselves


All About Hi55 Ventures Ltd

Who are Hi55 Ventures Ltd?

Hi55 Ventures Ltd is a company founded by serial fintech innovator and entrepreneur David Brown, who has over three decades worth of experience and two successful start-ups in enterprise payments founded under his leadership.

David puts social enterprise at the core of everything he does in the world of global finance. Hi55 Ventures was developed from an idea that companies need access to cheaper working capital and employees have a legal right to their own payroll money as soon as they earn it.

To achieve this, Hi55 Ventures has created Hi, a privately financed, unique, digital payroll scheme that is about empowering the individual to access what is rightfully theirs, when they need or want it, at the same time as generating working capital for firms, including those looking to recover from the economic effects of Covid-19, and grow.

Who is funding Hi55 Ventures?

Hi55 Ventures is funded by a number of global investors and private funders.

Initial funders to enable the financing of payroll are Orbian Finance and Demica, who provide billions of pounds in supply chain finance to some of the largest companies in the world.

All About Hi

What is Hi?

A global first, Hi enables employers to release working capital based on their payroll. Lenders will now be able to see its value and lend against it without adding debt to the balance sheet of the business. Employees will also be able to access their earned money weekly with the new system, with real-time pay our vision for the future.

Hi is a privately financed, unique, digital payroll scheme that allows businesses to standardise and capture time worked by employees. Its technology standardises time in financial terms for the first time ever.

Currently, in financial terms, time is not standardised. This new system will mean time is literally money, unleashing a new asset class which will be financed. Time will become the new form of secured credit - it’s your time, you own it and your employer will pay you for it.

What does Hi offer organisations?

Hi has two core benefits:

  • Finance – Enables Pay Asset Finance, providing access to a new stream of significant working capital for investment grade companies at low interest rates to fund their payroll without adding debt on their balance sheets.

  • View – Hi gives employees a clear breakdown of their pay through our app and web portal.

What makes Hi and its products different?

Hi is a totally unique digital payroll finance and time processing scheme. It allows business to access a high level and accurate view across all current time and pay systems. All time worked is standardised in one place, making business more efficient, with errors and issues identified and corrected, and time becoming visible as a commodity. Hi is the digital automation of time in a standard framework.

Hi also transforms the way a company’s employees can earn their salaries, making time visible to employees and allowing them to see what they earn as they earn. This enables staff to draw down the wages they have already earned weekly, removing the painful wait for the monthly payday.

Who pays for Hi?

The employer will be charged for the financing of payroll to access working capital. There will also be a small charge to the employer per employee for providing them with access to weekly pay, which can form part of a firm’s employee benefit and retention schemes.

Who services, manages and operates Hi?

Hi is fully serviced, managed and operated by NTT Data – a global IT innovator delivering technology-enabled services and solutions to clients all over the world – including HM Treasury, the Department of Work and Pensions and the Government Digital Service. Together, Hi55 Ventures and NTT Data are developing a Digital Standard for time and a global marketplace to finance payroll.

All About Pay Asset Finance

How does Pay Asset Finance work?

Payroll is the biggest expense and demand on working capital in almost every business. COVID-19 has thrown a spotlight on how critical pay is and how little working capital is available to prevent mass unemployment.

Hi’s revolutionary digital pay system allows creditworthy businesses to release working capital by externally financing pay and makes pay to employees more accurate, efficient and frequent. It uniquely makes both employer and employee financially healthier and more resilient.

Time measurement now comes in a digitised tool for pay, that works in conjunction with all current payroll systems and timekeeping software, whilst collecting the appropriate data to standardise time. If you can see time in a common digital, accurate framework that is verified, then that time becomes financeable.

Who can sign up to use Hi?

Hi is available to all companies but, because it provides businesses with access to external finance with low rates of interest, a company seeking to use Hi must have a suitable credit rating.

What are the benefits of Pay Asset Finance?

Hi benefits employers by providing a way to free up much-needed low cost working capital for businesses by deferring payroll out to 30/60/90+ days, whilst at the same time funding their payroll and employees, monthly or indeed weekly. Because Hi significantly improves the balance sheet and financial health of a company, it could improve a firm’s creditworthiness.

Hi also gives employees the opportunity to be paid weekly. By allowing workers access to money they have already earned it reduces the need for them to resort to high cost credit in emergencies – e.g. if their car breaks down and needs fixing – before their monthly pay cheque arrives in the bank. In doing so it gives employees more financial security, control and freedom. Avoiding financial stress and improved wellbeing leads to happier, engaged and productive employees and a more sustainable workforce.

What impact does Hi have on pension contributions and other employee benefits?

All deductions – tax, pensions and other employee benefits – are unaffected. They are paid as normal by both parties.

Will Hi affect a company’s ability to access other lines of credit? Will lenders want to know if a company is using Hi as a sign of financial distress?

A payroll debt (i.e. owed wages) doesn’t appear on a company’s balance sheet, other than a payroll obligation so taking advantage of the scheme should not affect a company’s credit rating.

Which banks are supporting Hi?

Our system is designed to be bank agnostic, allowing every bank to participate.

Which payroll providers are supporting Hi?

Any employer can ask their payroll provider to join the program. Hi needs a simple funding report that can be generated from any payroll system in order for employers and employees to enjoy the benefits that Hi has to offer – Hi has made it easy.

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