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Hi, Klarna and Fintech Wales talk pay-as-you-earn and BNPL with The Fintech Times

Pay as you earn and the implementation of buy now, pay later has been a lifeline for many customers whereas for others, the lack of regulation has created difficulties. This webinar will look to highlight both sides of the coin, and will shine a light on the areas of early paydays, mainly implemented by larger corporations working with fintechs, that have been able to do good and support their employees through times of need. But equally, this webinar will look at the success of BNPL lenders and will ask what, if any, regulation is required to put them on an equal playing field with other fintechs who require AML/KYC checks.

Mark Walker, Editorial Director at The Fintech Times hosts a great panel consisting of Sarah Williams-Gardener, CEO at FinTech Wales, Alex Marsh, Head of UK at Klarna and Richard Brown, Chief Marketing Officer at Hi55 Ventures.

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