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Hi strengthens global leadership team with appointment of senior EU executive

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Sven Peter, founder of Interbridge Financial Group Ltd, has been appointed to Hi’s advisory board, effective 28 April 2021.

Sven will be based in Austria where Hi is currently establishing the European HQ and will lead the strategic direction for Hi’s expansion plans, with a particular focus on Spain and Germany as initial markets. As a member of the advisory board, Sven’s knowledge of the business and lending market will also support the group’s product development and assist with acquiring support amongst institutional investors.

Sven brings over twenty years and C-level experience in financial services to his new role at Hi. Sven is the founder of several European credit investment businesses including Interbridge Financial Group and 3CG Holdings. Prior to that Sven worked in leadership positions in global investment banking and institutional investment firms. In all his roles, Sven led his team to provide strategic financial solutions for his world-wide client base.

Sven I. Peter, Advisory Board member at Hi Group, said: "Hi is making payroll work for both employees and employers. That is unique and truly unprecedented. Hi will clearly be shaking up the payroll sector. The long-term impact of their efforts will revolutionise how millions pay and get paid. I am excited to help build on Hi’s foundation of success as we develop new and necessary capabilities tailored to the needs of our global clients."

David Brown, founder and CEO of Hi55 Ventures said: “We are excited to welcome Sven to our Advisory Board. He is a highly successful capital markets and investment entrepreneur and brings a unique perspective to the leaders of businesses and our impressive team of advisors and directors.

This is a very exciting time for Hi, and Sven will play a leading role in both our EU expansion and securing further institutional investment.”

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