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Hi urges UK Government to turn to world-class fintech in its search for solutions

The UK’s fintech sector proudly ranks as a world leader among its peers, providing solutions to governments and businesses big and small.

As the UK Government strives to protect the economy from the wrath of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it could do worse than turn to a sector that is sitting here waiting to support in any way necessary.

At Hi55 Ventures, we see it as an honour to be a part of a sector burgeoning with talent, tireless in its pursuit of providing intuitive solutions to with a social conscience. The UK has spent the best part of a decade building up its fintech sector, now it is time to utilise it in a bid to help the economy bounce back.

It goes without saying that fintech companies have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to help all walks of life. But at Hi55 Ventures, we believe we have developed a the most vital lifeline in the battle for companies to survive the worst of the pandemic - Pay Asset Finance.

Our unique product has the potential to save thousands of jobs, all while giving businesses the financial breathing space they need to recover and thrive. We believe it is time that the Government turns to fintech in what is a crucial juncture for the future of our economy.

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