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Our Vision for Hi

When building a company from scratch, it is important to ensure everyone has a clear picture of what we are building, and where we are going. When staff are empowered to work autonomously (something we pride ourselves on), a slight variance of vision can lead to areas of the business focussing on different goals, and a clear and concise concept can easily become lost and muddy.

Because of that we’ve been working hard to articulate our Vision Statement, setting out our company culture alongside our plan to scale.

It is easy to overlook a vision statement as something fluffy and separate from the day-to-day running of a business, or it can be easy to assume that everyone already has the same idea of what the company is trying to do as you do. Unfortunately, those two positions are often wishful thinking.

A vision statement is an important strategic tool that ensures everyone is working together towards a common goal. It’s all about where we want to be, and what we want the company to do. Being able to express that simply and concisely helps us in a few ways:

  • It helps us make decisions. A vision statement is a filter all decisions go through – does this task help us achieve our vision? Are we being true to ourselves?

  • It helps us build a team. Shared values and goals are important when working remotely and autonomously. Everyone should have our vision in mind as they plan projects and prepare their to-do lists.

  • It helps us make friends. We want to connect with people who believe in the same things we do. That means new investors, new customers, and new employees.

For this, we wanted to look beyond our product and think about what it is we actually want to achieve, and that is:

To make the world financially stronger.

Earlier drafts were more specific and detailed, but we’re thinking bigger. We’re here to strengthen the world’s finances, by paying employees faster and more frequently, and boosting working capital for employers by helping them to defer payroll. This two-pronged approach means we can reach out to huge multi-nationals and tiny micro-businesses; the public sector and private sector; at home in the UK and all over the globe.

For now, we’re working hard putting the finishing touches to Hi, developing partnerships and pushing ahead to launch. Our Vision Statement is a vital part of that process. Everyone in the company can look to it for long-term direction, share it and feel proud of it.

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